Style: Wedding Season 2021

By Mary Ann I June 10, 2021 I

The wedding season is upon us. I’m thinking a number of folks have received invitations from postponed 2020 weddings now set for this year. The idea of dressing up can be overwhelming. So let’s ease ourselves into it. Casual Elegance When it comes to weddings, I’ve always opted for a casual elegance. I want to be able to move around, eat well, and celebrate all night while still feeling comfortable.  The clothing pieces I chose are all from Kaarem, an Asian owned and operated brand. I love the silhouettes and movement of their pieces to the body. The clothing is…

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Closet Staples: The House Dress

By Mary Ann I June 1, 2021 I

If you grew up anything like me, then you’d know the house dress was a staple in your mom/auntie/grandma’s closet. I remember the days when my mom would be so eager to get back home to get into her pambahay wear. These dresses were shapeless, colorful with a floral print and delicate embroidery.  It was always nice to look at, and it brought my mom a lot of joy. The Year of the House Dress With over a year into the pandemic, the house dress took over the fashion world. And for good reason. We’ve been living in a time…

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Building a Sustainable Closet: A Mary Ann Capsule

By Mary Ann I May 30, 2021 I Comments Off on Building a Sustainable Closet: A Mary Ann Capsule

I’ve been on this sustainable journey for awhile now. I’ve learned a whole lot about my spending habits and where I want to put my money. Today, I wanted to share some advice on what a Mary Ann capsule collection looks like. Use what’s already in your closet I can’t emphasize this enough: use what you have. Fashion is cyclical.  What you have in your closet is and will be hot af.  First, assess what’s in your closet. Next, find the key pieces that you wear consistently. Finally, go wild with it. Pair a closet staple with something you haven’t…

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The Evolution of Style Approximately

By Mary Ann I May 27, 2021 I

The evolution of Style Approximately (SA) has been a work in progress for over a year. 2020 gave me the time to pause and reflect what I wanted this space to become.  With guidance from Mellani DeJesus, brand developer for Women of Color owned businesses, I came to the conclusion that SA is about celebrating joy through community and sustainability.  Of note, SA is Filipina owned and designed. I’m holding myself accountable to highlighting and uplifting my culture. For far too long, I’ve looked up to white influencers and often mirrored their processes. We ain’t doing anymore.  Now, let’s walk…

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Shop Small 2020

By Mary Ann I November 23, 2020 I

Y’all know how important it is to me to shop small. In fact, one of the main reasons I started Style Approximately was to showcase small businesses especially ones owned by BIPOC and WOC. If you’d like to see some of my posts on Bay Area shops, you can click here and here.  Small businesses are suffering during this pandemic. Now more than ever, they need us. With the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to create an extensive list of small businesses that I personally recommend to shop at. I also wanted to share an important initiative that…

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