Style Approximately was founded by two childhood friends with the goal of showcasing an attainable lifestyle for women by women. We seek beauty in imperfections and boldness in quiet details. We believe style is defined by the person; evolving and always approximate.

The Founders

My name is Mary Ann, and I’m the Creative Director for Style Approximately.

I have been web designing and blogging since I was 13 years old. It has always been an outlet for me to share my voice. I took a long break in order to work on another passion of mine: community. I daylight in the nonprofit sector with most of my career focusing on underserved youth.

Now in my 30s, I founded and developed Style Approximately with my dear friend of 25+ years, Adrienne. My goal for this blog is to embrace my approximate adulthood through style, wellness, art, food, travel, and whatever else comes my way. This blog also serves as the platform for something that I’ve been challenging myself on: buying less and loving more.

My ultimate dream for this concept is to get more women to embrace and develop their own creativity into something big. I would love for one day to support more women in their creative goals.


Hi my name is Adrienne and I’m the Style Editor (the Trend Rebel) for Style Approximately.

My day job is in healthcare; wellness and health have always been topics I’m interested in. I like staying active by trying new workouts and TRYING to eat healthy.  But I  do love a good meal that would consist of my homemade Caesar salad and a thin crust pizza with goat cheese, arugula and a ton of red pepper chili flakes.

I like to try new things and because of that have taken on hip hop dancing, knitting, teaching myself how to play guitar, and replicating dishes I’ve tried from restaurants on the fly.

I wanted to start this blog with Mary Ann because fashion and beauty is always something I’ve been interested in and something we’ve bonded over. I wanted to use Style Approximately as an outlet for us and the way we live our lives, on our terms: imperfectly, unapolegetically and passionately. Hopefully, it’ll resonate with you.