Living: 29Rooms

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’d know that we covered 29Rooms extensively. We felt that this exhibition was different from the other ones we’ve visited because of it goes beyond the creativity and photo opportunity game. There were strong messages with each room, calling for action and continuing dialogue long after the camera is put away. To be honest, we wish we had more time at 29Rooms, and a tip that we would give to anyone planning on attending is to for two sessions instead of 1. 3 hours isn’t enough.
Yes, there was playful elements, and it was fun going through most of the rooms, but there were a couple that deeply connected with us. We’re still talking about Janelle Monae’s exhibition as well as The Future is Female rooms. Check out our adventure through 29Rooms below and let us know if you’ve been to 29Rooms in NYC, SF, or Chicago!


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