Building a Sustainable Closet: Batsheva Hay

Photo Credit: Alexey Yurenev for Coveteur

I watch Westworld, and besides trying to decipher and unpack the storyline, I knew one thing for sure was going to happen: the pioneer look was going to make a huge comeback. Who wouldn’t want to channel the bad ass vibes from Maeve or Dolores?

The Batsheva dresses were all over NYC during Fashion Week. There even a few articles written in the New York Times and the New Yorker about the trend. I, for one, am embracing this trend. I’m not one to be super flashy or sexy with my look; I can’t recall if I ever bought or wore a bodycon to be honest. I’ve been the type who loves a good vintage dress that sits at the knee or below it. I love combining a feminine vintage piece with something a bit more edgier and rugged. I’d definitely wear a pair of Doc Martens and accessorize with round lenses. Batsheva recently partnered with Brother Vellies, and the line amazing. The dresses are created with unique material and fabric like latex and cash print that gives the dresses a modern edge.

Aurora James, designer of Brother Vellies. Photo Credit: Nina Westervelt for The New York Times

Check out a few more Batsheva favorites below. Are you into the trend? Let us know in the comments.






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