Beauty: Fenty x Rihanna

Rihanna, is there anything you can’t do?

Full disclosure, I wasn’t anticipating the Fenty beauty new line. I had made the decision months ago that I wasn’t buying anymore makeup since I have enough makeup that would last me a lifetime. I also had my routine down pat which included a highlighter that I like, what more did I need?

Oh how badly I was mistaken. During my birthday weekend extravaganza, Mary Ann had told me she ordered the Match Stix trio from Fenty Beauty on Sephora’s website. I immediately went on and was attracted to the pretty millenium pink packaging. Then she told me it was magnetic. “MAGNETIC YOU SAY??! We went to the nearest Sephora to check it out.

It was a Saturday morning at Sephora and it was unusually packed. The Fenty Beauty display had a large gathering of women testing all the products especially the highlighters. My curiosity grew even more.

Look at that gorgeous golden glow

Mary Ann picked up the Killawatt freestyle highlighter in Trophy Wifea deep gold glitter not for the faint of heart. She wanted something – in her words, hella extra.

I got a different Killawatt freestyle highlighter in mean money/ hu$tla baby. It’s a duo highlighter with soft champagne sheen and and the latter a deeper champagne highlight with a microfine gold glitter.

When we got back to the Airbnb, I was excited to try my new makeup for dinner. Putting on the highlighter was like buttah. My face looked so glowy and it made my skin glow from within.

The highlight was soft and just felt so ‘effin good.The texture is so creamy and it glides on your face and it doesn’t settle into pores like highlighters can do. Mean money by itself was a pretty, subtle sheen that gave my face this candlelit glow. When I popped hu$tla baby over mean money, it was OVER. I was singing, “b*tch better have my money, ohh na na na.”

Rihanna created a line that was meant to be inclusive with 40 different foundation shades, one universal lip color, and bold shimmer sticks with rich pigmented colors unique colors like purples, peaches and yellows.

Fenty Beauty is changing the game. We’ll be posting our own looks soon (we’re waiting for Mary Ann’s matchstix trio to come in), so keep coming by to see how we wear Fenty Beauty.

All images from: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

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