Budgeting Sustainability: Kowtow


 I’ve been on this sustainability journey for some time now. In May, I challenged myself to not shop for the entire month. I needed to cleanse myself of shopping because it’s been a serious habit of mine.  I started buying ethical and sustainable clothing just for the sake of keeping up with the community. I want to support the brands that I love and are doing good work in the community, but I also needed to be mindful of the first part of my motto, “buy less, but better.” There’s a lot that I’ve learned in this journey, and I’ll be addressing it continuously through future posts. 

In those 31 days, I was able to tap back into my creativity and really take a deep dive into what I want to do with this blog. I believe it’s so important for Style Approximately to pivot towards ethical and sustainable fashion. I also think it’s important to talk about budget and sustainability because it can be really expensive especially if you were used to fast fashion like me. 

I reached out to the folks at Garmentory to see what brands they love that have a price range of $50-$150. They gave me a list of amazing sustainable brands. It got me thinking that I should develop a blog series on this concept: Sustainable brands within a certain price range.

Let’s start with Kowtow! Founded in 2007 by Gosia Piatek in New Zealand, Kowtow is committed to making positive changes by ensuring that they are not only using renewable and sustainable fibers, but also that their employees are receiving fair wages and benefits.

Their collections are minimal with hints of feminism and are easy to layer. I sought out pieces that were around the $50-$150, and what I would definitely buy. The links and prices are listed under each photo. Let us know if you buy anything or if there are any other pieces you love in the collection!


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