Budgeting Sustainability: People of Leisure

I started a series about maintaining sustainability on a budget. You can read my first blogpost on Kowtow over here. I know firsthand how important it is for folks to keep to their budget. And I think it’s important to recognize the different folks with different incomes who want to be more sustainable. Moreover, it’s very important to me to keep accessibility at the top of my mind. 

Today, I wanted to highlight People of Leisure, a Los Angeles based brand. Their clothing is fun, relaxed and designed with creative folks in mind. They have the type of clothing that you would wear to a ceramics class or to a day at the beach or dance around the house in. 

I learned about People of Leisure through the always sustainably chic Jen Griswold. Their philosophy aligns with mine: “…to live with complete freedom – one must be conscious of their actions.” All of their clothing is made in LA using deadstock fabric, and eco-friendly techniques. They also ensure that their operations are within fair trade guidelines. 

Today, I’m showcasing favorites that are at the sweet spot of being under $100. I love how People of Leisure isn’t limited in their amount of items at or under that price point. I can definitely find more than just a t-shirt. I hope you enjoy my picks! Let me know if you find anything else.