Budgeting Sustainability: Shopping Slowly


I was inspired after reading Deb Shepherd’s latest post on Clothed in Abundance titled, “The #ShopSlowly Series (003): How To Save For $275 Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Jumpsuit.” I appreciate her voice and honestly about how difficult it can be to shop more ethically and sustainably. I want to support designers and smaller businesses that put actual care and love into their products. However, I often feel the sting of the high price tag especially when we’re paying off debt and have bills looming over our heads.

Deb breaks down how to save for a piece that you love so that the price tag is a bit more palpable. One piece of advice she offered that will stick with me is:if you can’t buy two then you can’t afford it. 

It’s making me become even more aware of my purchases and walking away from something I really don’t need which is something I’ve often struggled with. I think it’s also important for me to put a few visual to my ethical fashion goals.To be honest, I bought the Hack with Design House dress pictured above just as I started writing this post. It didn’t affect my monthly budget as I’ve been going out a whole lot less, eating more at home, slowing down on drinking, and not spending my money on fast fashion. It’s actually gotten a lot easier and my lifestyle has changed for the better.

Below are a few more items that are definitely worth saving for, and you’d be able to walk away with a beautiful investment piece from a trusted small business. Let us know if anything catches your eye!

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