Building a Sustainable Closet: A Mary Ann Capsule

I’ve been on this sustainable journey for awhile now. I’ve learned a whole lot about my spending habits and where I want to put my money. Today, I wanted to share some advice on what a Mary Ann capsule collection looks like.

Use what’s already in your closet

I can’t emphasize this enough: use what you have. Fashion is cyclical.  What you have in your closet is and will be hot af. 

First, assess what’s in your closet. Next, find the key pieces that you wear consistently. Finally, go wild with it. Pair a closet staple with something you haven’t worn in awhile. Have fun with your clothes. I’m going to bet you can find some amazing looks with things you forgot were in your closet.  

Mix ’em up – textiles, patterns, and colors

I like to break rules especially when it comes to fashion. Oftentimes, I am a big clashing mess of pattern, textiles, and colors. This gives my look depth. While sheltering in place has definitely changed my style to more muted tones, I feel like this year will the exact opposite. I need the clothes I wear to express what I want. And that’s joy.

Layers, Layers, Layers

I layer because I live in the Bay Area and the weather changes from freezing in the morning to blazing hot in the afternoon back to cold in the evening. Not only that, I always find layers adds it’s own sense of texture to your look. Back in the early 2000s, I was that girl who always wore skirts over her jeans. And I’m waiting for that trend to come back. 

Have some fun socks

Or whatever you feel is a consistent staple in your look. For me, I’ve always loved fun socks. Since high school, I’ve made it a point to not where plain white one because looking at a fun sock peeking up from my shoes always made me happy. 

Overall, I want you to remember to buy the things that make you feel good. I get that a lot of us want to be on trend especially when we’re bombarded with them via social media. However, I think that it’s important to for you to be in control of your style and not let what’s on trend necessarily dictate your look. Personally, keeping up with trends led to my overspending, buying things that I don’t really love, and having an overfilled closet. 

 My journy in sustainability has given me a deeper sense of what brings me joy. I want my core values to align with what I put on my body. If you are on your own sustainable journey, my hope is that you will find what aligns with you and your values. What does your capsule collection look like?

Featured Pieces:

  1. Asian American Girl Club Bubble Tee
  2. Big Bud Press Western Pants in Lilac
  3. Hansel from Basel Ping Pong Sporty Crew Socks
  4. Hey Moon Designs Charon Granite Necklace
  5. Crocs Vacay Vibes