Beauty: Fenty x Rihanna

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Rihanna, is there anything you can’t do? Full disclosure, I wasn’t anticipating the Fenty beauty new line. I had made the decision months ago that I wasn’t buying anymore makeup

Inspiration: All Yellow

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Maybe it’s because it’s nearing the end of summer. Maybe because I like how it looks on me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a good mood lately… Or maybe

Living: All the Plants

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I’ve been focusing a lot on how to make my house a home, and there was always something missing amidst the furniture and decorations; for a long time, I thought my home looked a bit stale and very cookie cutter. I realized that my house needed more natural elements to give it the life that I was envisioning. I’m very new to the plant care life so I’m taking my time to research and properly understand how to care for these living beings as each type of plant has different needs. And of course, it’s still fun to gain some inspiration from the web.

Paiko is one of my very favorite botanical companies to follow. Inspired by the natural beauty of Hawaii, Paiko focuses on locally sourced products as well teaching the greater community on sustainability and preservation. They also have a book on how to gather and arrange Hawaii flora titled, “‘Ohi” which I’m planning to purchase. The shop itself looks so gorgeous, andI cannot wait to go to my second home (O’ahu) to visit. Check out their website and Instagram for more inspiration.

A few other botantical IGs to check out are:  plantsonpink, petitepetalco, and glasswingshop. These are a few of the remarkable people who make you want to keep scrolling through their feeds for inspiration. Enjoy! –  Mary Ann

Want to see more plant life inspiration? Check it out below!

Love Your Skin: The Ordinary

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I’m a skincare junkie. I’ll admit it. I’m constantly researching skincare products celebrities name drop, beauty websites’ “Best of” lists and fellow bloggers recommendations to find new products to promise

Movie Night

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Tonight, I just needed a good movie to watch. Lately, it’s been rare for me to sit down and watch a whole movie without interruption – I’m either texting away