Closet Staples: The Black Skirt


If there’s anything that you should take away from me, it’s to use the clothes we already have.  I’ve been thinking a lot about our closet staples, and how we can use the pieces we already have to feel refreshed.

I realized that I often get “bored” of these staples and crave something new. Then, this would often lead me into a deep shopping rabbit hole. A few days ago, it finally hit me that I’ve been buying things that I already have. I needed to put a stop to that. 

Using What We Have

Honestly, the journey to sustainability can be tough one. Oftentimes, buying from sustainable and ethical brands isn’t budget friendly. Most of us want to be sustainable, but how can we do that with a limited budget? The answer is simple. Use what you have. It’s the easiest, least excessive, and cheapest sustainable thing to do. Personally, I had to first recognize that my trigger for my spending habits is boredom. Whenever that feeling starts to creep in, I remind myself to look in my closet, and get creative. To further combat the urge to shop, I try to pair unlikely pieces. I like feeling like a walking piece of art, and I know plenty of folks who feel the same.

The Black Skirt

So let’s talk about the humble black skirt. Most of us have it. It’s a season-less piece. The skirt is easily dressed up or down. With a quick switch of a coat, top, or accessory, you can go from day to night.

Cozying Up

Now that we’re entering the colder months, it’s the perfect time to style the black skirt with coziness in mind. Specifically, I’m styling the Foglinen Charo skirt today. It’s an every day piece with an easy fit and a-line shape. Finally, the part of the skirt that gives me the most joy is its deep pockets.

This season is a favorite of mine because I’m a big fan of layering. I found pieces that are easy to layer and switch up with each other. Here’s what I’d pair the skirt with this season:

  1. Mizue Mock Neck from Two Days Off Clothing
  2. Constance Top from Kowtow Clothing
  3. Tradlands Shelter Cardigan
  4. Surprise Wool Knee Hi Socks from Hansel from Basel
  5. The Megan boots from Sevilla Smith 
  6. Bryr Clogs Chloe in Fennel

How would you style the black skirt? What do you pair it with? Would you keep it minimal or go full maximalist? Share in the comments! 


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