DIY: Holiday Wreaths

A favorite tradition around this time of the year is getting together with friends and family to do holiday crafts. We got together with some of our favorite ladies on a Sunday afternoon for some holiday wreath making. This was everyone’s first time making a wreath, and we were all surprised at how easy it was. We love how the minimal look of the wreath can be so beautiful. This project should takes less than an hour, and will definitely put you in the festive mood. Enjoy!

what you’ll need:

• a wreath base. We used embroidery hoops and wreath wire frames.
• floral wire and tape
• Wire scissors
• babies’ breath
• Greenery: we used silver eucalyptus, cedar, balsam fir, and pine. Any greenery, leaves, etc. of your choosing is totally fine too! You can actually find a ton of greenery at Trader Joe’s.

First things first, cut your wire to 2-3cm pieces so it’s ready to use. We found it easiest to start laying the greenery where you would like it to lay on the wreath. For the large wire frame, we made eucalyptus bunches and secured the bunches with floral tape. We then placed the bunches on the frame and secured it to the frame with the wire tape. If you’re looking to fill the entire frame, be sure that your plants all go in one direction rather than in separate directions meeting at one point. We continued to add eucalyptus until we were satisfied with its fullness. We then added the baby’s breath as a final touch.

We did something similar with the embroidery hoops, but we wanted the hoops to be more minimalist and not as full as the large wreath. We wanted only one part of the hoop to have greenery whether on the bottom or either side. We even didn’t follow our single direction rule and had greenery at the bottom of the hoop going in separate directions. Get creative! It’s yours to enjoy!

If you happen to make a wreath based on our instructions or have something similar, we’d love to see it! Comment below with a link or use the hashtag #stylewreath. Have fun!


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