Dressed: Madewell Spring ’18

Joyce Lee, Madewell’s Vice President of Design, sure knows how to connect with customers. She has this ability to tap into the memories of Madewell’s target demographic and create emotional value between the customer and the pieces. The Spring ’18 collection is no exception to that idea.

The latest collection brings me back to road trips, sleepovers, and the long days of summer. I’m seeing inspiration from classic coming of age movies, in particular, Now and Then (which was also the movie we watched for every single sleepover.) I can imagine Roberta and her squad rolling up in their bikes wearing the mid-length shorts, tapered jeans, denim jumpsuits, and floral blouses.

Madewell does basics right. They aren’t trendy per se, but they also aren’t boring. I love the details that create that emotional connection I often look for. A Mickey Mouse sweater harkens back to the yearly road trips to the happiest place on earth. A white tee under a spaghetti strap dress reminds me of when I wanted to dress up like my older cousin and her friends. My favorite piece is the belted kimono jacket with floral details; it’s something that can easily transition from day to night and seasons. It’s also a piece that I can wear while camping. I feel like all of these pieces can easily be the clothes I pack for a getaway.

Check out a few more of our favorites below. Do you have any pieces that you’re excited for? The collection is set to release early next week! Let us know if you plan on making any purchases. We’ve already had our hearts set on a few.

Photo Credit: Madewell