Dressed: Rachel Antonoff Fall Ready to Wear ’17

Rachel Antonoff’s Falll Ready to Wear ’17 collection will always be a personal favorite of mine. The collection was a direct response to an exhausting year. It was a year full of trash and tackiness. What amazes me about Rachel Antonoff is her ability to see beauty in the ugly. There’s one dress with a print of New York garbage; a delicate pattern of coffee cups, banana peels, condoms, and halved avocados. If anyone else did something like this, it would be tacky. In her hands, it’s quite chic.

Of course, I love how she keeps it genuine. She’s using her platform in fashion to be a visual voice of women and the oppressed everywhere. With her uterus sweaters and lapel pins, Rachel Antonoff continues to proudly take a stance on equality, social justice, and human rights.

 Check out some of my other favorites below. How do you feel about the collection? Does anything stand out to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Where to purchase:

  1. The Parts Pin
  2. Hysterical Female Tee
  3. The Jewel Jumpsuit
  4. The Reproductive System Sweater
  5. The Sammy Midi Dress
  6. The Wanda Wide-leg Pant
  7. Danny Turtleneck with Sup