Dressed: White Rabbit

We’ve focused a lot on sustainable fashion highlighting brands that are changing the game in the industry. We wanted to push that thought further and look into the clothing we (often) keep hidden from the world…our underthings!

 White Rabbit caught our attention as their values align with our desire to have fewer but better things. As we continue to discuss and evolve our styles and closets, we started to feel the same way about our underwear drawer.

The bras and panties are of high quality bamboo and rayon which leaves less of a carbon footprint in comparison to fast fashion products.The conscious design of the bra is apparent and their use of high quality sustainably sourced fabrics is impressive. We did our research and found that White Rabbit’s price points are affordable and comparable to the big brand companies. 

We tried the Prince (Ann bralette and Prince Cheeky), and Minetta sets (Minetta balconette and Jane Bikini) – right away, it felt right on our skin. 

What makes the Ann bralette different from others is that it has adjustable straps. The cups of the bralette also has a mesh lining to provide extra coverage and shape. The lace lining at the bottom provides a beautiful delicate touch. We like how the lace design isn’t throughout the bra, as the smooth cups ensure a clean look underneath even the thinnest of t-shirts.

The Minetta balconette is sexy and confident while making room for comfort. The balconette provides solid support on the days you don’t need all of the coverage. The Minetta is soft to the touch, and provides a smooth shape under a variety of tops. This is definitely a bra that can be worn through the day and night.

The Prince Cheeky and Jane Bikini stay in place and feels cool against the skin. We also noticed that it doesn’t show visible seams through our clothes. Overall, both of these sets makes us feel comfortable, sexy and good about the underthings we’re wearing.

White Rabbit is  made in Mexico City in a women’s only factory! The team made it a point to ensure that workers are paid fair wages, working conditions are safe, and employees have benefits and time off. Moreover, their core focus is to empower women whether it’s the customer buying the product or the woman making it. Mariana Hernandez, co-founder of White Rabbit stated,“We want to change the conversation from underwear being something we use to please men and rather be something that makes us feel comfortable and confident no matter what the day brings.”

If you’re like us and looking for beautifully designed, sustainable, and woman focused lingerie, White Rabbit is it. Sign up for their email list to get 10% off. We’re huge fans and will continue to support their products. Check them out now!