Community: Femme Fair

Adrienne and I got the chance to attend Femme Fair last month, and  we are still feeling the positive energy of the event and all the women present. The event originally started out as a way for the public to shop their favorite bloggers’ closets, but it has since gotten bigger. We definitely felt welcomed and connected to the community; not only were we able to do some shopping, but we got a chance to meet other amazing women, share stories, laugh, eat, and find ways to support each other in future creative endeavors.

We sat in on the morning speaking engagements. The first conversation centered around finding your voice in a sea of many. It was so inspiring to hear women in the creative industry talk about their own fears and vulnerabilities in this field, and how it’s so important to be your most authentic self. The second conversation was the keynote given by Chloe Elisa with the core focus on putting a light to sex trafficking. The topic hits close as a lot of my career focused on supporting young folks who have been abused and/or trafficked. Her words were incredible, and if you were to just spend 5 minutes talking to her, you’d want to get out there and serve the greater community. She also works for Selah Freedom, the nation’s leading anti-sex trafficking organization. Definitely check it out, and support our most marginalized groups of people.

We were also in awe of the beautiful detail put into the event. Saying it’s IG-worthy doesn’t do the justice the hardwork the women of Femme Fair put into it. They really converted a space that was open, inviting, colorful, and effing fun. We were taking pictures like crazy and were also admiring all the care that brought everything together. Check out our photos below! Make sure you’re following Femme Fair. We believe it’s only going to get bigger from here. We can’t wait for next year, and we’re hoping to see more of our readers there!

Photo Credit: Jess Onesto