Friday Favorites 05.11.2018

We’re trying a new Friday Favorites series where we go through a list of all the things that got our attention this week. Check out our thoughts on what really captivated us this week.

  1. We’ve been swooning over the Mara Hoffman Spring 2018 collection for quite some time now. We love the attention to detail, and how she layers pattern and texture with each piece.
  2. We’re still not over Femme Fair. And we were so pumped that our favorite jacket was featured on their Instagram.
  3. Intentionally Blank always comes out with the fiercest effing shoes. And they’ve opened a store in San Francisco! Let us know if you’ve went!
  4.  Can we talk about how Janelle Monae continues to kill the game? We love her take on the “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” theme by wearing a halo-mimicking hat meant to be seen in the front pew of church. Her homage to her earlier fashion choices of wearing black and white speaks to her love of duality: good vs. evil or even faith vs. religion. Janelle Monae always tells a story with her clothing, and we are here for it.
  5. We’re seeing the trend of flowers and muted pastels all over the place. We like how the soft tones bring a sense of balance to images; the dusty coloring seems to make everything else stand out. It feels so sophisticated.
  6. Are you like us and you’ve watched and rewatched the “This is America” video by Childish Gambino? There’s been so many think pieces surrounding the video, and if you’re like us, you’ve read through a lot of them and watched the video over and over again to catch something you didn’t see before. All we gotta say is that this video and song is real. Real and raw truth. Childish Gambino’s social commentary a true reflection of the world we live in; we want our entertainers (especially entertainers who are POC) to keep dancing and not comment on the social injustices of the world.  Millions (including us) are reflecting on the times we never paid attention to what’s really going on.


  1. Carmen Jose Andino-Talavera on May 11, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Excited to see more of these Friday favorites posts!

  2. pursesandpugs on May 11, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    Love your Friday favorites!

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