Gift Guide #2: REDEMPTION

We’ve been shopping at REDEMPTION for a few years now. I remember strolling into their store after being in the sun all day at the Campbell downtown Farmer’s Market. They carried all these unique items from skincare products to jewelry, to stationery, to baby needs, and clothing. REDEMPTION also makes sure all of the products they sell are made in California ensuring that local artists can also make a sustainable wage.

It’s exciting to see them expand into a second shop in downtown Los Gatos as the desire to to seek sustainable and ethical products is on the rise.

I always walk out out of the store with a shopping bag in my hand. Whether it’s for the home, jewelry, or jeans for my husband, REDEMPTION has all my needs in one place.

That’s why we think you should make a stop over to the either REDEMPTION store for your holiday shopping needs. Check out a few of our favorites below. Our goal was to also find products that are under $50.

REDEMPTION is a great shop to check out for all of your gift giving needs. If you’re unable to make your way over, below are links to where you can find some of the products we featured. You can also DM REDEMPTION over on Instagram if you find something you love.

  1. My Tea Drops Set
  2. Carmel Berry Co. Elderflower Cordial
  3. Sea+Salt Hair Mist in Coco Vanilla
  4. Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask Set
  5. Indica Design Dreamcatcher DIY kit
  6. Coco Chispa Pottery
  7. Dirt Paths Stoneware Mug

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