Gift Guide: The Health and Fitness Buddy

Health and fitness is something near and dear to my heart. I’m not perfect. When I set my alarm for the gym, sometimes when it goes off I look at it and roll back to bed. And sometimes I have several cheat days in a row. But being healthy is all about balance. Moderation.

This gift guide is dedicated to your health and fitness buddies. They are the ones who support you in your fit goals, sweat alongside you during a particularly tough spin class, and will gladly go to a happy hour after a good session. Check out our picks below! Happy Gifting!

  1. Veggie Spiralizer  $23.97 Spiralizers have changed the way we cook for the better. We love making zoodles to replace pasta. It’s a refreshing way to change up traditional favorites like spaghetti.
  2. Matcha Book $17 – The photography of this cookbook is gorgeous. I also love how matcha, its history and evolution is easily broken down to understand.
  3. Joylab Leggings  $29 – Cute leggings for yoga and after yoga
  4. Hurom Personal Juicer $299 – It comes Oprah approved.
  5. Dance Body classes $35 – For the person who loves to dance their booty off in the comfort of their home.
  6. Adidas Duffel Bag $50 – The perfect size to stash your toiletries, towel and another set for clothes for your post workout
  7. I Did my Best workout mat $32 – That’s all we can strive for.
  8. Allbird wool runners $95 – Made of merino wool, light breathable, and when they get dirty, throw them in the wash.
  9. mybkr water bottle $75 – A water bottle that comes with the essentials to keep it clean
  10. Nike Swift Running Pants $120 – the reflective design and the fit makes it perfect for outdoor running.
  11. Girlfriend Collective Midnight Paloma bra $38 – Made from recycled plastic. This sports bra provides full coverage and is flattering for all.
  12. Girlfriend Collective Yoga Pants $58 – Coming in several cuts and colors to please everybody. The fit is amazing.