Gift Guide: The Home Chef

Today, we wanted to share a gift guide for the person who loves to host and cook. You can be shopping for a person who has been cooking for a long time, or for someone who is still learning. This person always loves and appreciates a nice tool to up their kitchen game or a new cookbook that challenges them. Hopefully, you’ll be able to also reap the benefits of these items as well. It’s a win-win.

  1. Tokyo Cult Recipes $21.71 – We love Japanese food. This cookbook has all the popular dishes found in Tokyo that we often salivate over. We also love how it breaks down ingredients that aren’t often seen in U.S grocery stores and helps you find potential alternatives.
  2. Sous Vide Precision Cooker $129.95 –  Sous vide cooking has been trending for quite some time. I’m a big fan of the sous vide eggs at Starbucks, and I’m sure the home chef would be interested in how to make a similar version.
  3. Muji Rice Cooker  $135 – Beautiful, minimalist, clean lines. It’s not clunky and goes well in a modern kitchen
  4. Aroma 3 in 1 Superpot $34.99 – This is fun cookware. You can do shabu-shabu or grill Korean bbq right at home.
  5. Yamazaki Cookbook and Tablet Stand  $24 – Because we’re sure the homechef hates flipping pages while cooking.
  6. Heath Ceramics Plaza Tray Set $119 – A gift from Heath Ceramics is real love right there.
  7. Short Stack cookbook trio  $38 – Each cookbook in the set focuses on one item. We feel this really challenges the chef to be creative with what they have,
  8. Boska Holland Raclette To go $24.99 – Now you can have raclette at home too, this hand gadget, melts cheese, to put over your potatoes, bread, anything really.
  9. Crepe Maker $39.95 – When you’ve been hinting to your best friend who is also a baker about the crepe cake you’ve wanted for your birthday that’s just around the corner…
  10. Instant Pot  $79.95 – The beloved Instant Pot. Game changer indeed
  11. Bluebottle Coffee Set $35 – Trust us, you will be loved very much if you get this gift.
  12. Benchic Chocolate Making Kit $79.00  – Yes, a box of chocolate seems pretty cliche. But if you ask us, it’s pretty awesome if you’re able to make it yourself.

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