Gift Guide: The Traveler

How I love to travel.  And even If I’m not traveling, I’m thinking of my next trip and what I would pack on that trip. Packing for me, is being able to use everything in my suitcase, and not regret I didn’t pack something. I try to travel light and I do that by bringing things that are multifunctional. I’m a pretty sensible packer so if it’s not functional, it’s not going on the trip.

This guide is for the travelers on your list. They are the ones who are suitcase ready and can explore the world at a moment’s notice. The gifts that we have listed here are things that can make a person’s trip smoother while having their style on point, skin glowing, and sanity intact. Check it out!

  1. Monocle Travel Books  $14 – These travel books are awesome. They are not like your old school touristy ones, the recommendations make you feel like local.
  2. Fjallraven Kanken backpack $80 – We love our Kankens! It’s amazing how much you can fit into this pack.
  3. Lo&Sons Travel bag $72 – It comes in 3 different sizes. I bought the small Catalina. It’s the perfect size to fit in the overhead bin, has a zippered separate bottom compartment and it has a sleeve that can slide over your rollaway handles, making running through the airport that much easier.
  4. Away Set $95.00 – This gift set is smartly packed with essentials to keep you well while you’re traveling.
  5. Catbird Eye Mask $24 – For when you’re in the middle seat and the person sitting in the window seat keeps their window open.
  6. Cuyana Classic Passport Case $95 – Travel in style and convenience. When you use this passport holder, it has pockets to store your ID too so you’re not having to fumble with your wallet at the airport.
  7. Plant Apothecary 5 Piece bodywash set $35 – Since you can’t control the water with which you shower in when traveling, bring this travel friendly bodywash set that’s gentle and natural.
  8. Bose Noise canceling Headphones $299.95 – Lightweight  and easy to carry. You can comfortably watch movies while canceling out the loudness of the plane.
  9. Origins Intensive Overnight Mask $17 – Slather this on during your flight to keep your skin hydrated even at 35,000. Your skin will thank you later.
  10. Meaux Blanket $95 – I like to bring scarves when I travel. It can be used to accessorize an outfit, during flights it can double as a blanket. Most importantly, a blanket can hide your face if you sleep with your mouth open, like I do.
  11. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Oversized $168 – Sunglasses are a must, and these are a classic that will travel well.
  12. Majestic Disorder Magazine $10.76 – Perfect reading material on the plane to feed your creative side and to get you excited to explore the world.

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