Gift Guide: The Beauty Maven

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We’re all about the gift guides! They’re so fun to look at all the while gaining inspiration to gift or even to receive. And let’s be real here, you gotta laugh at the ridiculousness (yes, we’re looking at you GOOP).

We like giving gifts, and we really like to put thought into the things we want to give someone. We believe it doesn’t have to a big and/or expensive gift for it to be special. We also don’t believe that you have to a buy a ton of gifts for someone to be happy. Fewer, better is always a good thing in our books. As we’ve gotten older, we noticed that even the small details matter; even the way we decorate our giftboxes have also become important to us. With the holiday fast approaching, we wanted to share 10 gift guides over the next 10 days that we hope will inspire you in making thoughtful purchases for the people in your lives.  

We wanted to start off with a guide for the person who takes greats strides in taking care of their skin and hair. They are your go-to when you’re trying to figure out your own beauty routines or if you want advice on what would be best for your hair and skin. One of our favorite things to give is beauty products. You don’t have to worry about sizing, fit, and we like how it gives people a chance to explore things they may have talked about but haven’t taken the plunge just yet. The products below are tried and true favorite or the ones that we’re personally excited about. We hope you find something for the beauty maven in your life. Happy gifting!

  1. Drunk Elephant Vol. 1 Hot Date $98 – I’ve heard so many good things about DE, how much the products do in the way of smoothening and refining skin. This kit is perfect way of trying their best selling products all in one kit.
  2. Ouai Fragrance $42 -I love the smell of Ouai products and find myself purposely putting extra in my hair and use it as my perfume. Jen Atkin knows when to drop Ouai Fragrances in December when it’s time to be buying gifts. This comes in 3 roller fragrances- In names of Rue St. Honore, Mercer St., and Melrose palce. I can’t wait.
  3. Peach and Lily Holiday Gift Bag $45 – For the k-beauty junkie, this comes with 2 sheet masks, and a cute case!
  4. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer $399 – I know the price tag. But it’s a Dyson, and the reviews on this baby are GOOD. Who wouldn’t love a dryer that dries faster, leaves your hair healthier, and is lighter?
  5. Glossier Body Hero Duo $35 – Glossier has been the IT product for quite some time now. We love it. So why not get the person you love the Body Hero Duo? The cleanser removes grime and sweat without stripping away essential skin oils and the moisturizer to lock in hydration.
  6. Jade Roller $25 – A great gift for a person who takes their skin care very seriously. The cooling effect of the jade roller helps with blood circulation.
  7. Lapcos Variety Face Masks $22 – This is a fun variety set especially for someone who enjoys getting together with friends to host at home spa days or sleepovers.
  8. Artis Brush $67 – We can’t get over how soft this brush feels on our face. We always feel so fancy when using it to “powder our noses.”
  9. Herbivore Botanicals Soap Trio $32 – Mary Ann bought herself the set last year and she can’t get enough of it! The scent is light and skin feels refreshed after every use.
  10. French Girl Sea Spray $12 – We love the look of hair after being out at the beach all day. Why not have those beautiful waves on any day that you want?
  11. Frankbody Coffee Scrub $16.95 – A famous all natural body scrub coveted by magazine editors from Nylon and Allure.
  12. 3 month Beauty Pie Subscription $10/month – An awesome subscription box! The items are high quality without the exorbitant mark up. Their gloss also smells amazing.
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