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Photo Credit: Designlovefest

We wanted to take a moment to highlight 5 amazing women who continually inspire us in developing a creative lifestyle. These women have shaped our own styles and aesthetics in our personal lives and in Style Approximately. Check them out below!

1.Bri Emery (photo above) of DesignLoveFest

If you haven’t heard of Bri Emery and her lifestyle blog, DesignLoveFest, you need to check it out now. We’re sure her style looks familiar to you as she has been highly influential everywhere. She is a talented graphic designer who’s aesthetic has moved from the internet world to the real world; she’s had several products launch with Target and partnered with several lines that we love (Hellooo Gorman!). Bri is also unafraid of humanizing the experience and connecting with her readers on a personal level.

Photo Credit: Grey Layers

2. Jeanne Grey of Grey Layers

We were initially intrigued by Jeanne and her meticulous use of the color gray and the lack of color to make a visual statement in her photos. Her minimalist aesthetic along with the use of clean lines and muted tones furthers her cool girl factor that we love. She’s also moved forward with bringing a singular pop of color in her photos and it makes all the more striking. Jeanne is also a strong woman with a strong sense of self; she is a rule-breaker and a feminist. We appreciate her constant reminders of the importance of self-love and strength in one’s convictions.  Read her post on buying a ring for YOURSELF here.

Photo Credit: Sincerely Jules

3. Julie Sariñana of SincerelyJules

Julie’s blog started off as a creative outlet while she was at FIDM and has morphed over the years into a huge social media presence. Her influence as a blogger parlayed  into her own clothing line, available online and at department stores like Nordstrom. She continues to have a keen eye for mixing street and luxe brands that further establishes her own unique take on the California cool girl style, that’s been admired by many over the years.

Photo Credit: Sfgirlbybay

4. Victoria Smith of SFGirlbyBay

We have been following Victoria Smith since 2006. An SF woman now in LA, Victoria is highly influential in the design world bringing forth a high quality aesthetic and content to the masses. Her unique sense and understanding of design also helped launch Pinterest as she was one of the first influential bloggers to test and promote the site.

Photo Credit: Man Repeller

5. Leandra Medine of Man Repeller

The woman behind Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, is a woman after our own hearts. She lives and spouts the mantra of dressing for yourself and no one else, which for her, is her killer signature New York style. On top of her style game she writes thoughtful essays and gives spot on advice on her blog that hits home with us EVERY. TIME. Want a better idea of what Man Repeller represents? This is their mission statement: Man Repeller explores the expansive constellation of things women care about from a place of openness and humor, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect.

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