Say Hello to Adrienne

Lookin’ like we about to drop the hottest K-Pop album of 2017


If you haven’t noticed, there is a fresh voice and face on Style Approximately.
I want to introduce all of you to Adrienne, my dearest friend of 25+ years, bad ass woman, and Style Approximately’s newest blogger and editor.
For a long time, Style Approximately was a fever dream of mine. I had thoughts and ideas for the direction of this blog, but it would rarely come into fruition. Even if it did, I always felt something was missing.
I realized that I needed a collaborator. I needed someone who is able to compartmentalize the ideas and concepts I have for this blog and execute it accordingly. I needed someone to help push me forward when I felt analysis paralysis. I also wanted someone who can hold me accountable in maintaining the dream when I felt exhausted by it.
On second thought, this should be the cover of our album.


Adrienne has always been so supportive of this dream. She provides extensive and honest feedback, an incredible knowledge of beauty and fashion, and the ability to spot the next big trend well before it hits the mainstream market.
She is inspiring, and has played a huge role in developing this blog. Her style, attitude, and voice are exactly what was missing from Style Approximately. It only made sense to have her fully onboard in this journey.


So, in her own words, get to know Adrienne a bit more below!
At the opening of the Museum of Ice Cream in LA 


Tell me about your journey, what led you to this endeavor?

I’ve always loved putting together outfits for friends and family and when it worked, it was such a thrill! Especially when I picked out things they may not have normally picked for themselves. I’m also a big beauty junkie, my favorite things to hoard are lip products and skin serums and masks.

Who or what inspires you?

Celebrities, other bloggers, IG, my friends and people on the street.

Do you follow any bloggers? Any that you highly recommend?

I love thegreylayers! She’s so consistent with the message she puts out there, and she’s so cool, very much of a “this is me, take it or leave it” attitude.

What does Style Approximately mean to you?

For me, I think Style Approximately means that style doesn’t have to be perfect or look a “certain way.” It should be what you want to wear and feel good in. For example, something on the runway that looks crazy, but translating it in a way that fits in with your lifestyle

What’s your favorite piece of style advice?

I think this was from Angelina Jolie’s stylist. When your piecing outfits together: make one piece the statement piece- the focus-whether it be jeans, top, whatever and keep everything else simple so that it stands out.

Tell me one thing about yourself that you want to share with our readers.

I’m getting married! The planning process is crazier than I ever thought. I had no idea what a Chiavari chair was before the planning started!