It’s Getting Colder… Kinda


It’s been way too hot and wayyy to dry out here in Silicon Valley. Based on the happy rain dance I did a couple days ago for the drop in temperature and the little precipitation we received, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been ready for some cold weather.

I’ve always had an affinity for hats. Once in college, I had a classmate confess to me that he was always interested in seeing what hat I wore that day. In retrospect, I guess that’s kinda creepy. But that’s besides the point. My goal was to pair my favorite wide brimmed hat with some key pieces that channel my grandma chic meets Debbie Harry meets Rashida Jones style. I’m also a big fan of layers especially in this type of weather; at 8 AM you’re freezing, but by 12 PM, you feel like you’re going to pass out from a heatstroke.

After looking at the outfits for the bajillionth time. I’m getting a 70s retro vibe. Not so much the disco era, but more of the early 70s – fringe, relaxed jeans, platforms, vests, hats. What do y’all think? What’s your go to style for the beginnings of Fall? See what else I thought of after the jump.

Where to shop for the items above: 1. Zara Brim Hat  2. American Apparel Ponte Sleeveless Skater Dress 3. MossimoxTarget Cardigan 4. H&M Tights 5. Leather Platform Booties Nordstrom

Fall Fashion. Vintage Love.1. Zara Brim Hat 2. Vintage Floral Dress* 3. Vintage lace vest* 4. MossimoxTarget Coco Platform Heel

*I bought these vintage pieces from a local store called Black & Brown. If you ever find yourself in Silicon Valley, it’s definitely a must stop. Even if you’re not into vintage, they carry a lot of local names, and have a good eye for pieces that will last a long time. I’ve had that dress and lace vest for almost 10 years now, and I still love them both.

Concert Lovin' outfitWhere to shop for the above and below items: 1. Zara Brim Hat 2. Fringed Vest Nordstrom 3. Tuxedo Fux with the Tux Concert Tee 4. MossimoxTarget Mid Rise Skinny Jeans 5. Tom’s Desert Wedge Bootie  6. Old Navy  Boyfriend Windowpane Flannel Shirt 7. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunnies

Fux with The Tux tshirt

Btw, if you haven’t heard already, you must listen to Tuxedo. And go watch them live! Dance your ass off and get a shirt like I did to remember the night,


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