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Honolulu is the central hub for all the islands. The city is often overlooked as visitors tend to head straight to Waikiki or completely outside of the city’s perimeters. While not exactly part of the island getaway one often imagines taking, Honolulu has a bustling creative local scene that I personally gravitate towards. From the fresh takes on food, art, and shopping, Honolulu is making it’s mark as a destinations for creative folks.

I’ve been finding some of the coolest spots in my recent travels that I just had to share with all of you. We love the growth of art and culture in this city. Check it out below!

SALT at our Kaka’ako is a new pedestrian open space intended to further support the local creative scene and economy through locally owned restaurants, boutiques, and art. The buildings that were already there were repurposed to create a community feel. We loved browsing through ARVO, Paiko, and Milo. Each so distinct in its own minimalist style.

I also made it a mission to visit all of Ed Kenney’s restaurants in Honolulu. I was blown away by each and every one. From Mahina & Sun’s, to Mud Hen Water, to Town, to Kaimuki Superette, each had a sense of comfort but newness to it. His mantra,“local first, organic whenever possible, with aloha always,” truly shows in each restaurant. I still can’t get over the handmade pasta from Town or the ‘ulu pancakes from Mahina & Sun’s, or the muffins at Kaimuki Superette, or the…everything…at Mud Hen Water. I love how he takes real local ingredients and incorporates them into familiar dishes. To start you off, I highly suggest Mud Hen Water for brunch. The biscuits and Mapo Gravy is amazing!

The scene is definitely thriving, and it feels so special especially being nestled in the one of the most well-known vacation destinations in the world. Have you been to Honolulu? Do you have any favorite spots in the city? Share your tips in the comments below!





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