Closet Staples: The Black Skirt

By Mary Ann I November 18, 2020 I

  If there’s anything that you should take away from me, it’s to use the clothes we already have.  I’ve been thinking a lot about our closet staples, and how we can use the pieces we already have to feel refreshed. I realized that I often get “bored” of these staples and crave something new. Then, this would often lead me into a deep shopping rabbit hole. A few days ago, it finally hit me that I’ve been buying things that I already have. I needed to put a stop to that.  Using What We Have Honestly, the journey to…

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Rachel Craven

Budgeting Sustainability: Rachel Craven’s Agnes Dress

By Mary Ann I May 24, 2020 I Comments Off on Budgeting Sustainability: Rachel Craven’s Agnes Dress

For the past couple of months, I’ve had Rachel Craven textiles on my mind. The dresses are minimal, beautiful, and made of sustainable European linen. After seeing Brandi Sellerz in the Agnes, I knew the dress would be a wonderful piece to have in my closet. Brandi radiates so much joy. I love how the dress flowed with her happiness.  I can imagine myself wearing the Agnes during a warm summer night with a large straw hat and sandals at the park or the beach or layered with a mockneck, duster, and clogs with socks in the fall.  Resisting the…

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Living: Little Joys

By Mary Ann I May 18, 2020 I

With so much going on in the world, I thought it would be a good thing for me to find all the little joys in life to keep me sane and to keep the creative spirit going. I’m big on finding beauty in the mundane, and I think now, more than ever before, the universe is showing me just that. Are there any little joys you can find in your life?  Also: Magic Field Cherry season! Celebrity Vampire Reunion Leikha Mahsa

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Playtime: Weekend in Paris

By Mary Ann I May 17, 2020 I

It’s been over 60 days of the Shelter in Place order here in California. With all the time spent at home, my mind tends to drift off and dream of the places we traveled to. The husband and I talk about all the little details of last year’s European excursion often. Specifically, I talk about Paris a lot because it was always a dream of mine to go there. When it finally happened, it was everything that I had hoped for it be and more.  Daydreams of Paris If I was able to have another day in Paris, I’d spend…

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Building a Sustainable Closet: Maternity Friendly

By Mary Ann I April 16, 2020 I

  I promised myself two things when I found out I was pregnant: 1. Wear my regular clothes for as long as I can  and 2. When I do have to make purchases, make sure they’re pieces that I can wear during pregnancy, when the baby is born, and way after. So far, it hasn’t been too hard given that most of my clothing is intentionally oversized…it’s almost a prerequisite to create oversized clothing if you’re a sustainable brand. I’m not mad at it. Give me comfort especially in my current state. Tried and True Favorites I wanted to share…

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