The Girl Who Fell to Earth

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  Charlotte Olympia’s A/W 2016 campaign is the collection of my space age dreams.Maybe, I’m still sad over the death of David Bowie, but this collection is definitely an homage to

It’s Getting Colder… Kinda

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It’s been way too hot and wayyy to dry out here in Silicon Valley. Based on the happy rain dance I did a couple days ago for the drop in temperature and the little precipitation we received, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been ready for some cold weather.

I’ve always had an affinity for hats. Once in college, I had a classmate confess to me that he was always interested in seeing what hat I wore that day. In retrospect, I guess that’s kinda creepy. But that’s besides the point. My goal was to pair my favorite wide brimmed hat with some key pieces that channel my grandma chic meets Debbie Harry meets Rashida Jones style. I’m also a big fan of layers especially in this type of weather; at 8 AM you’re freezing, but by 12 PM, you feel like you’re going to pass out from a heatstroke.

After looking at the outfits for the bajillionth time. I’m getting a 70s retro vibe. Not so much the disco era, but more of the early 70s – fringe, relaxed jeans, platforms, vests, hats. What do y’all think? What’s your go to style for the beginnings of Fall? See what else I thought of after the jump.

Where to shop for the items above: 1. Zara Brim Hat  2. American Apparel Ponte Sleeveless Skater Dress 3. MossimoxTarget Cardigan 4. H&M Tights 5. Leather Platform Booties Nordstrom

Trader Joe’s Haul

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Inspired by Bri over at Design Love Fest, I wanted to make a post of my TJ Haul. I also wanted to challenge my husband and myself to see if we

Style Muse: Solange

Posted on One of my visions for this website is to give it a space to showcase, who I believe, are modern fashion icons. With that, I wanted to dig a

Explore: San Francisco: Birthday Edition

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My dearest friend (and fellow Style Approximately blogger), Adrienne, recently celebrated her 30th birthday. We spent the day in SF doing what we do best – eating and shopping.

Our first stop on the birthday train was all you can eat brunch at Chubby Noodle in the Marina District. The food was a more modernized take on Chinese dim sum. When I say modernized, I mean that it was in the same style as traditional dim sum with a few extra elevated ingredients. The breakfast jook was amazing – a hot rice porridge with a fresh egg and smoked bacon. The colors on it alone were beautiful. Our server was also nice enough to bring us an array of food instead of us ordering in honor of the birthday girl. At $37.00 per person, I’d consider it a steal especially when 4 adult beverages are included in the price.

After brunch, we took a much needed long walk around the Marina to settle our tummies and sober up. We then hopped in the car and headed over to the Fillmore for some ice cream because why wouldn’t you want to end your day with ice cream?

Smitten Ice Cream is one of the coolest (pun intended?) ice cream concepts I’ve come across. Using liquid nitrogen, ice cream is made to order. It’s completely fresh and delicious.

Check out the photos of our field trip after the jump!