Creative Sundays

By Mary Ann I April 2, 2017 I Comments Off on Creative Sundays

I like to end my weekend and start my week with a full day dedicated to creative pursuits. I’ve been focusing on the Theory of Color with plenty of play time in the Pantone Studio. It’s been a fun and fascinating ride in understanding color concepts, and how color can convey a swirl of emotions within us. Lately, I’ve been loving deep tones balanced by lighter harmonious colors. I dig the vibrancy. Check out the photos below to see what’s been sparking my creativity. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll notice that the featured photos are from women all of…

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Building a Sustainable Closet: Conscious Choices

By Mary Ann I March 19, 2017 I Comments Off on Building a Sustainable Closet: Conscious Choices

While my husband I were moving out of our apartment almost two years ago, I had a moment of panic at the final hour. Our cars were filled to the top with… stuff. And yet, I still had 6+ garbage bags full of clothes. It was nearly 2 AM and we couldn’t drop it off at any donation center. Sadly, I left the bags near the garbage bins, hoping that someone might pick it up. It was highly unlikely, but I still had hope. It still bothers me to this day that I did that. After that night, I promised myself I…

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Explore: Pace Art + Technology

By Mary Ann I April 3, 2016 I

My awesome friend Courtney joined me on a field trip to Pace Art + Technology in Menlo Park. We both needed a time out from our busy work days and just spend some time in a creative space. Developed by teamLab, I think of this gallery as a virtual park-esque exhibit. Art and technology are blended together making the pieces visually playful and interactive. I feel that the art is autonomous to the viewer as your mind tends to wander and develop the story around the art. After taking a few photos, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying the gallery…

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Movie Night

By Mary Ann I March 11, 2016 I

Tonight, I just needed a good movie to watch. Lately, it’s been rare for me to sit down and watch a whole movie without interruption – I’m either texting away or on facebook/instagram or preoccupied reading some random article. Husband always seems to pick the right movie to suit my mood. Hector and the Search for Happiness is exactly what I needed. It’s wonderfully simplistic storytelling about the our unending pursuit of happiness when, really, happiness is not the end pursuit…rather it’s the journey that makes us the most happy. What’s your favorite movie? Planning a movie night? I like…

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Skirting Around

By Mary Ann I March 7, 2016 I Comments Off on Skirting Around

I’ve had an obsession with finding the perfect skirt for a long time. I love the versatility of the pleated midi skirt; you can go casual with flats or sneakers and tee or you can dress it up with heels, a sweater, and a button down top. It’s fun yet classic. But you know what I really love about it? THE TWIRLING AND THE SWOOSHING! Photos via 1. Who What Wear 2. Who What Wear 3. Pinterest 4. Pinterest 5. Vogue As a treat to myself for completing the Whole30 (more on that later), I bought the micro pleated mini…

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