Explore: San Francisco: Birthday Edition

By Mary Ann I September 21, 2015 I

My dearest friend (and fellow Style Approximately blogger), Adrienne, recently celebrated her 30th birthday. We spent the day in SF doing what we do best – eating and shopping. Our first stop on the birthday train was all you can eat brunch at Chubby Noodle in the Marina District. The food was a more modernized take on Chinese dim sum. When I say modernized, I mean that it was in the same style as traditional dim sum with a few extra elevated ingredients. The breakfast jook was amazing – a hot rice porridge with a fresh egg and smoked bacon.…

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She’s Back!

By Mary Ann I September 8, 2015 I

Hello again! It’s been a long road to get back here. After semi-retiring from the blogging world in 2005, I’ve decided to come back in full force and do this thing like a grown up with my very own space on the interwebs. So what does Style Approximately mean? What am I trying to put out there in this crazy world? I believe style is what you make of it. This is a space to observe and engage in the beautiful, the silly, the thought-provoking, and the WTFs of… life. Much like my personality, it will be kinda all over…

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