Living: Shelter In and Chill

By Mary Ann I April 12, 2020 I

It’s been awhile since I last wrote something here…and a lot has happened since then. Like most people, I’m sheltering in place. I can also add that I’m a little over 4 months pregnant. Keeping calm during this pandemic is not only advised, it’s necessary. Taking a Step Back  I’ve taken a step back from social media because I’m exhausted by it. I’m posting less and reading more joyous things. And it’s been so good for me. I’m inspired by my community, and how we continue to support each other creatively in spite of the current crisis. With that being…

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Building a Sustainable Closet: 5 More Bay Area Shops

By Mary Ann I November 30, 2019 I Comments Off on Building a Sustainable Closet: 5 More Bay Area Shops

I’m coming back from a blog posting hiatus in honor of Small Business Saturday. Today, I’m highlighting 5 more locally owned ethical and sustainable shops across the Bay Area. You can also read my first list right below this post or you can click here. There’s multiple reasons you should be shopping locally too. Locally owned shops bring together community. It’s nice getting to know the owners and get insight on their product because they put a lot of love and care into their shop and the things they sell.  Check out 5 more of favorite shops below! And let…

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Building a Sustainable Closet: Bay Area Shops

By Mary Ann I August 31, 2019 I

I’ve noticed that the Bay Area is seeing a growth in small businesses focusing on sustainability. Today, I’m sharing with you 5 Bay Area sustainable shops that recommend for you to check out. I have a love for small businesses especially ones that focus on sustainable brands and/or secondhand items. If the shop is woman owned, than that’s even better. In fact, I have a penchant for wandering through the cities in search of locally owned clothing stores. It’s fun to see the unique flavor that each shop brings. Check out the Bay Area sustainable shops that I chose to…

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Building a Sustainable Closet: The 30×30 Challenge

By Mary Ann I August 25, 2019 I

What is a 30×30 challenge? Last month, I pushed myself to further the journey into sustainable fashion by participating in a 30×30 challenge. What is a 30×30 challenge you ask? It’s a clothing experiment that for one month, you only wear 30 items of your choosing.  Since I’m also participating in Slow Fashion Season, the difficulty of this challenge was taken up a notch. What that means is that I have not bought any new clothing (vintage and secondhand are okay) since June 21st and won’t buy doing so until September 21st. Because of my strict parameters, I had to…

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Budgeting Sustainability: People of Leisure

By Mary Ann I July 24, 2019 I Comments Off on Budgeting Sustainability: People of Leisure

I started a series about maintaining sustainability on a budget. You can read my first blogpost on Kowtow over here. I know firsthand how important it is for folks to keep to their budget. And I think it’s important to recognize the different folks with different incomes who want to be more sustainable. Moreover, it’s very important to me to keep accessibility at the top of my mind.  Today, I wanted to highlight People of Leisure, a Los Angeles based brand. Their clothing is fun, relaxed and designed with creative folks in mind. They have the type of clothing that…

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