Home: Mixtape Approximately Vol. 1

By Mary Ann I July 2, 2019 I

I’ve been toying around with the idea of making a Style Approximately playlist. I was inspired by Mayer Hawthorne’s Hawthorne Radio and The New Moon playlists by the Joshua Tree House. What finally made me do it was that Angie of Bobo Design Studio made a roadtrip playlist, and she’s one of the coolest people I know.  We’re going on a couple road trips this summer and we always make sure we have a good number mixes ranging in genres to fit our moods and to give variety to the long drive ahead.  While my taste in music varies, my…

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Building a Sustainable Closet: Black & Brown

By Mary Ann I June 24, 2019 I

The Beginnings When I first moved to the South Bay back in 2004, I made it a point to find the hidden gems sprinkled through the San Jose neighborhoods. I remember going to Black & Brown for the first time in its tiny spot on San Carlos, and thinking that the women who run the store are badass. I loved how they brought vintage and modern together while ensuring the pieces they sell have a unique edge.  I’ve followed the shop almost religiously since then. From blink and you’ll miss it shop on San Carlos to their storefront on the…

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Building a Sustainable Closet: Only Child

By Mary Ann I June 17, 2019 I Comments Off on Building a Sustainable Closet: Only Child

Cardiff Work in Jacket in Cotton I’ve been keeping my eye on Only Child for awhile now, so when they announced their first sample sale, you know I was on it. Based in Oakland, Only Child was founded and created by designer Haley Tucker. They strive to make unique basics that are also easy to build on. The brand is also very particular about their fabric. Recognizing how wasteful the fashion industry is, Only Child aims to use dead stock fabric. This means that the fabric used to make their clothes comes from the fabric from a bigger brand that…

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Building a Sustainable Closet: Summer Staples

By Mary Ann I June 9, 2019 I

Now that the heat is officially here, I’ve been thinking about the summer staples that maintain their style and relevance through the years. My friend Melissa of A Goldy Girl and A Goldy Gram embodies the endless summer with her wanderlust attitude, and her sense of adventure with her husband and two children. This sunny magic clearly shows in her style. She introduced me to West Perro while we were at West Coast Craft on Saturday, and I cannot stop thinking about their booth, their high quality desert sun hats, or the beautiful beadwork catered and hand selected by the…

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Budgeting Sustainability: Kowtow

By Mary Ann I June 2, 2019 I

   I’ve been on this sustainability journey for some time now. In May, I challenged myself to not shop for the entire month. I needed to cleanse myself of shopping because it’s been a serious habit of mine.  I started buying ethical and sustainable clothing just for the sake of keeping up with the community. I want to support the brands that I love and are doing good work in the community, but I also needed to be mindful of the first part of my motto, “buy less, but better.” There’s a lot that I’ve learned in this journey, and…

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