Playtime: Afternoon Tea

By Mary Ann I May 4, 2019 I

I wanted to create a new series on the blog inspired by Erin Boyle from Reading my Tea Leaves and her Make-Believe Series. My focus is on imagining and planning out a fun weekend activity with an ethical and sustainable spin. The first in the series is all about spending a lovely spring afternoon sipping on tea…both literal and figurative. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend an afternoon tea tasting with London Tea Club and my dear friend Giulia of Palm Trees and Pellegrino. Giulia invited me and I jumped at the chance when she told me that…

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Explore: Paris Pt. 2

By Mary Ann I May 2, 2019 I

Will and I took a trip to visit family and friends in the Netherlands with stops in Paris, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Prague, and Germany. Like many people, I’ve wanted to go Paris ever since I was a little girl. I wanted my first trip there to be absolutely perfect. It took me months to plan out Paris. Once I stepped into that city, I threw  most of my meticulously crafted plan out the window.  I knew if I were to focus on hitting up all the places on my list, I’d miss out on the things that make Paris so magical. …

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Budgeting Sustainability: Shopping Slowly

By Mary Ann I February 19, 2019 I

  I was inspired after reading Deb Shepherd’s latest post on Clothed in Abundance titled, “The #ShopSlowly Series (003): How To Save For $275 Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Jumpsuit.” I appreciate her voice and honestly about how difficult it can be to shop more ethically and sustainably. I want to support designers and smaller businesses that put actual care and love into their products. However, I often feel the sting of the high price tag especially when we’re paying off debt and have bills looming over our heads. Deb breaks down how to save for a piece that you love so…

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Explore: AutoCamp at Russian River

By Mary Ann I February 6, 2019 I

AutoCamp at the Russian River has been on my radar for a few years now. So when my friend, Stephanie, asked if I wanted to go on a last minute lady trip with her for a few days to AutoCamp, I jumped on it. AutoCamp was the perfect space for me to feel restored and back in a creative space. I also realized that I am definitely the type who prefers the woods on an overcast day vs being on the beach during a hot one. There’s just something so special about being amongst the redwoods and all that greenery while…

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Explore: Joshua Tree

By Mary Ann I January 20, 2019 I

I’ve obsessed over The Joshua Tree House for a couple years now, and the opportunity to book finally came around and at the perfect time. So I decided to spend the second half of my birthday extravaganza exploring the high desert. Sara and Rich Combs created a beautiful space perfect for the hygge time I’ve so desperately wanted for some time now. Every corner of the house was thoughtfully designed with love and care. I appreciate how they practice wabi-sabi, and create beauty out of what we think is broken. There’s also blankets and pillows everywhere to further foster that…

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