Building a Sustainable Closet: Only Child

Cardiff Work in Jacket in Cotton

I’ve been keeping my eye on Only Child for awhile now, so when they announced their first sample sale, you know I was on it. Based in Oakland, Only Child was founded and created by designer Haley Tucker. They strive to make unique basics that are also easy to build on.

The brand is also very particular about their fabric. Recognizing how wasteful the fashion industry is, Only Child aims to use dead stock fabric. This means that the fabric used to make their clothes comes from the fabric from a bigger brand that they would usually throw out.Taylor Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Linen

I was able to get three pieces at the sample sale: the tide pants, the Luzon top, and the Tierra dress. I can’t stop wearing the tide pants since I bought them. I love how the shape of the pieces are loose and breathable for summer. Yet, I feel like I can still layer with turtle necks or collared shirts OR I can combine the tide pants and the Tierra dress to get that Jedi in training look. 

Check out the pieces I bought below along with a few others that friends bought at the sale. Do you have any Only Child pieces? Let us know!Tide Pants in Linen

Laguna Dress in Linen

Tierra DressLuzon Tie Front Top in SilkAlta Top in SilkCardiff Trench in Linen