Style: Wedding Season 2021

The wedding season is upon us. I’m thinking a number of folks have received invitations from postponed 2020 weddings now set for this year. The idea of dressing up can be overwhelming. So let’s ease ourselves into it.

Casual Elegance

When it comes to weddings, I’ve always opted for a casual elegance. I want to be able to move around, eat well, and celebrate all night while still feeling comfortable. 

The clothing pieces I chose are all from Kaarem, an Asian owned and operated brand. I love the silhouettes and movement of their pieces to the body. The clothing is very well made, and the colors of their pieces can be mixed and matched with anything. Kaarem’s pieces are a staple in any closet with any age range. When I wear Kaarem, I feel romantic and luxurious…without breaking the bank.


Since the pieces I chose from Kaarem are more neutral, I wanted to accessorize with a pop of color, simple yet bold jewelry, and comfortable summer shoes. I’m obsessed with Brandon Blackwood purses. I love the shapes and the colors. But, must of all, I love how Brandon created a brand that fights systemic oppression. To bring everything together, I’d add jewelry from Filipina owned brand Limnia Jewelry, and a pair of Freda Salvador sandals to round out that sense of fun and summer.

How about you? What would you wear for a summer wedding? Share in the comments!

Links to featured items (from top left):

  1. Freda Salvador – Hattie Fishermand Sandal
  2. Brandon Blackwood – Medium Kuei Green Crocodile
  3. Limnia Jewelry – The New York Cuff, Earrings, Danglers and Threaders Set
  4. Kaarem – Jar Sleeveless Back V Panel Dress
  5. Kaarem – Weed Halter Pocket Dress
  6. Kaarem – Krachai V-Neck Jumpsuit
  7. Kaarem – Sediment Long Sleeve Onesie