Gift Guide #4: Celebrating Women

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We’re still floored that Weekend Creative did a Q&A session with us. In thinking about all of our answers, it reminded us of why we love doing this project: to celebrate women. Our fourth give guide is all about that – celebrating the many woman owned businesses that we’ve come across this year.

We wanted to take it a step further and include our wonderfully creative friends in this guide. From Esselle SF to Bobo Design Studios to Poppy Lettering & Design to Very Mary Inspired, these are the women who continuously inspire us and we are grateful for their friendships IRL. And, no bias, their products are A-MAZING!

Links to all the products featured with a short description is below. Check it out, and let us know if you get anything!

  1. Esselle x Yuzu Soap Dual Bath Salts – we were so excited to finally meet Lauren of Yuzu Soaps at the SJMade Holiday Craft fair this weekend. We’ve heard so many good things about her products and we were so excited to finally see it in person. The packaging is so beautiful and definitely for the person in your life who is all about the self-care. We’re not sure if we want to gift this set to someone other than ourselves.
  2. BRYR x Baggu Clogs & Dogs tote – this is a fantastic high quality tote. We wouldn’t expect anything less than that from BRYR and Baggu. I also didn’t realize how it said DOGS until after a few day of wearing it around. It makes it even cuter!
  3. Poppy Lettering & Design Ciao Bella Tee – we love Mellani’s aesthetic. She always makes us get this urge to just travel the world with her designs. While we don’t have plans to go to Italy next year, we can always dream while wearing this shirt.
  4. Bobo Design Studio Wanderlust Passport Travel Journal – speaking of travel, our girl Angie made a travel journal, as in she designed the whole thing, art and all! It’s so fun inside and we are so excited to use it for our next adventures. It will be up on the website shortly, but if you’re local to Silicon Valley, stop by her shop at Moment in San Jose.
  5. Centinelle Hula Hoop Girls Silk Square Scarf – Centinelle is a fun brand. Lately, I’ve really been into scarves, and their designs is exactly what I need to make my outfits stand out just a bit more.
  6. Esselle x Poppy Lettering & Design Empowered Women Mug – when Sherry of Esselle and Mellani of Poppy Lettering get together, magic happens. This is one of my favorite mugs. It’s also pretty large, and I usually need a large cup of tea or coffee to start my day.
  7. Dear Survivor Stela in White Earrings – We found these earrings at Redemption in Campbell, and loved it’s quiet bold look. We also love how the earrings are sustainable and made from recycled leather. What pushed us even more to purchase them is that a portion of the sales goes towards helping those recover from trafficking. It’s a cause that we care deeply about.
  8. The Artful Sketch by Mary Phan – Mary Phan is an amazing artist who breaks down how to sketch even for the person who truly believes they don’t know how to. I took her online course a year ago, and it really re-invigorated my love of sketching. She’s a great teacher and it truly shows in the book. This a great present for anyone who loves to sketch to brush up on their skills or anyone who wants to learn how to.
  9. Esselle Softcover Notebooks (each sold separately) – Sherry is another friend of ours who creates beautiful and sophisticated products at an attainable price point. When she announced that she was releasing a stationery line, we were ecstatic. All of the notebooks are hand stitched, and have beautiful color combinations.



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