Playtime: Weekend in Paris

It’s been over 60 days of the Shelter in Place order here in California. With all the time spent at home, my mind tends to drift off and dream of the places we traveled to. The husband and I talk about all the little details of last year’s European excursion often. Specifically, I talk about Paris a lot because it was always a dream of mine to go there. When it finally happened, it was everything that I had hoped for it be and more. 

Daydreams of Paris

If I was able to have another day in Paris, I’d spend most of time around Le Marais. I’d have my coffee and pastry at Ob-La-Di cafe while people watching for a few hours. I’d then spend an afternoon browsing through the whimsical art at Slow Galerie. Finally, I’d sit along the Seine River with some bread and cheese as the sun sets over the city. A lady can dream, right?

Capturing the Parisian Style

While going to Paris is implausible at the moment, the Parisian look is very much attainable. I love the effortlessness of the Parisian woman. It’s like a relaxed and cool disheveled look. Their style is free of labels, never too serious yet still put together. 

An Easy Look

From the short time that I was there, this is what I consistently saw:

  • Practical shoes to walk in like a pair of Veja sneakers.
  • High waisted jeans. There’s nothing like a pair of vintage Levi’s, baby, and they are hot over there. Morningtide and Garmentory are good sites to start your search.
  • Casual tops like the Pullover 3 from Eli & Barry that can take you from morning to night.
  • Fun socks to go with a neutral and muted outfit. The socks really popped to me and I saw it everywhere. My fun socks are always from Hansel from Basel.
  • A quality neutral bag that goes with everything like the Number One from Polene
  • Simple statement jewelry. Hey Moon Designs has beautiful statement pieces in earthy neutral tones and geometric shapes. 
  • Minimal make up, but good skin care and a red lip are musts. Glossier takes care of all my minimal makeup needs.
  • Hair brush? Don’t need it. Tussle your hair with your fingers or put it up in a haphazard bun. 

I can bet you can pull off this look with pieces you already have in your closet. I know that we often think of Parisians wearing high end designer labels all the time. While that may be in the case for some, the street style is quite different from that. Women blend their looks with designer, often label-free, with thrift store and vintage finds. So let’s daydream together in our own Parisian styles. All you gotta really do is bring an “I Got This” attitude, and you’re golden. 

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